The Vienna School of International Studies is a training institution offering postgraduate programmes for university and college graduates of all disciplines.

#DLG (© DA/Pilo Pichler)

Diploma programme


A one-year postgraduate course in the theory and practice of international relations, economics, history and law with a special emphasis on language training

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#MAIS (© Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay)

Master of advanced international StudieS

A two-year academic programme which centres on the advanced study of politics and international relations, international economics, history as well as international and European law

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#ETIA (© winterseitler auf Pixabay)

MSC in environmental technology & int'l affairs

A two-year MSc programme in cooperation with TU Wien tackling environmental issues in their political, legal and technical dimensions

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#DIA (© Claudio Wedenig)

MSC in DIGITAL international AFFAIRs

A two-year MSc programme in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck on the digital transformation of international affairs

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